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Laminating foil is used to fit itself over the base material such as soft PVC, plastic material, wood and paper to make the base material a gloss and value. Differing from whole transfer foil and partial transfer foil, after fitting over the base material, the PET carrier of laminating foil will not be peeled off. The remaining PET carrier applies to other subsequent processings.

Thus, laminating foil is commonly used for paper box, gift package and plastic containers. Our laminating foil has high adhesive property with favorable price. Yeong Shiuann is the one that you can forever trust. Welcome to email us for the latest color patterns.


Suitable Material: Soft PVC, paper, extruded plastic material, wood

Application & Characteristic: paper box, gift package, shoes, cover of notebooks, photo frame, etc.


1. Thickness:12 micron
2. Max. width:1,500mm
3. General size:12 microns x1000mm x 1000m/roll; we can adjust according to your requirements.
4. Colors and designs:plain color, hologram color, multi-color and other colors available or according to your requirements.


▶ Application

▪ Our laminating foil has high quality of adhesive property. It is commonly applied to plastic materials.

▪ After fitting over the base material, laminating foil remains its PET carrier. This PET carrier can be dealt with other processings

▪ Laminating foil is applied to the photo frames.