Yeong Shiuann Co., Ltd. (YS) established in 1991 is a professional manufacturer producing foil films with high and stable quality. Our main products contain transfer foils, laminating foils, stamping foils, laser foils and so on. We also provide OEM vacuum electroplating. These foils are generally applied to ornaments and consuming commodities including printing, packaging, synthetic leather, textile, shoe material, furniture industries, etc. Transferring our foils to these commodities can improve their sales value and practicability.

With more than 20 years abundant manufacturing experiences, YS is well equipped and has a complete range of color patterns which enable us to do more research and innovation. Our equipment including coating machines, cutting machines and vacuum metallizing machines provides consistent production process. Nowadays, YS has gained partnerships with more than a hundred clients and actively expands foreign markets. We are not only proud of having superior quality, competitive price, on-time delivery and good service, also a group of highly cooperative working fellows to achieve your expectation anytime.



Business Philosophy

▪ What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community.

▪ Maintain excellent relationships with employees, clients and suppliers.

Business Goals

▪ Pursue sustainable operation

▪ Be international

▪ Satisfy clients