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Partial transfer foil is used to transfer its colors onto the synthetic leather, genuine leather, PU, PVC, TPU, textile, etc. to make the base material a gloss and value. Compared with whole transfer foil, partial transfer foil is more easily partially transferred on the base material without trimmings or flash.

With these characteristics, partial transfer foil is commonly applied to the patterns or logos printed on textiles, clothing, bags and shoes. The latest color pattern called TH series which can be used to create more designs is the most popular product of Yeong Shiuann.

As a reputable transfer foil manufacturer, Yeong Shiuann insists on providing customers the excellent quality of foil transfer products. Every manufacturing step of transfer foils will be taken according to international standard to achieve the customers' expectation of quality. Welcome to email us for the latest color patterns.


Suitable Material: synthetic leather, PU, PVC TPU, genuine leather, cow leather, sheep skin, pig skin, textile

Application & Characteristic: shoes, hand-bags, clothing, LOGO, etc.


1. Thickness: 15, 19, 23, 36 micron
2. Max. width:1,500mm
3. General size:15 microns x1400mm x 1000m/roll; we can adjust according to your requirements.
4. Colors and designs:plain color, hologram color, multi-color and other colors available or according to your requirements.


▶ Application

▪ Partial transfer foil is more easily transferred onto base materials. Therefore, partial transfer foil is often applied to print special patterns on textiles and clothing.

▪ With subsequent processing, partial transfer foil can create a variety of designs on base materials.


▶ Latest products

SF Series

TH Series

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